Case Study: Fleming Yachts

Fleming Yachts:

One of the worlds most successful Yacht Stories

Fleming Yachts has been obsessed with quality and reliability since the very first hull was designed. So, it’s no surprise that the Aquadrive ® System has been standard equipment in the Fleming 55, 65, and 78 since the beginning. The reliable, smooth, and quiet operation has left both Fleming and their customers satisfied.

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▸ How it works

The Aquadrive® system transfers the thrust from the propeller directly to the hull, not the engine. This allows for a more efficient engine mounting solution that reduces vibration and noise significantly.

With Aquadrive®, the thrust bearing brackets are bolted to full-length steel bars encapsulated in the vessel’s engine stringers. This solution transfers the propeller’s thrust directly to the hull. With the strain now off the engine you are able to install softer engine mounts that essentially allow it to ‘float’ and greatly reduce vibration and noise.

As an added benefit, adding a thrust bearing and isolating the engine & transmission from the propeller thrust extends the longevity on many of the vessel’s driveline components. This includes the cutlass bearing, transmission, transmission seal and engine mounts. Not to mention the Aquadrive® system itself is maintenance free and has no regular scheduled service costs.

As a result of all this focus on reducing noise and vibration, Flemings are known the world over for their whisper quiet, ultra-smooth operation.

Today Fleming continues to use Aquadrive® on their F55, F65 and F78 models and it will also be standard on their new F85 model now under construction.