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Walterscheid Powertrain Group is a global provider of connected and smart powertrain solutions and complete in-service support for the world’s leading off-highway and industrial equipment manufacturers. The firm continuously develops new technologies and customer solutions which deliver efficiency in the agriculture, construction, mining, utility vehicle and industrial markets and offers through life services for all powertrain products and systems between power source and power applied. With its global platform across 4 continents Walterscheid Powertrain Group is the technology partner and innovation leader to the leading, global OEMs. This together with a comprehensive aftermarket and service offering positions the group for above market long term growth.

Strong brands for our customers

What we do

Walterscheid Powertrain Group is the global industry leader for highly engineered, mission critical powertrain systems and services for demanding off-highway and industrial applications. Together with a global network of 130 distribution partners, Walterscheid Powertrain Group ensures expertise, innovative technological solutions and customer-oriented services worldwide.


Deeply rooted in agriculture and food production, the name Walterscheid is a synonym for high quality driveshafts that offer maximum reliability, performance and service life. Predominantly for mobile secondary drives, our product portfolio includes:

  • Driveshafts
  • Clutches
  • Gears
  • Tractor-Attachment-Systems
  • Hitch-Systems


Ever since first cardan and driveshafts became available, manufacturers of construction machinery quickly discovered Walterscheid components for various applications including heavy duty wheel loaders and large dump trucks as used in mining operations.

Predominantly for mobile main drives, our product portfolio includes

  • Shafts
  • Gearboxes
  • Fan Clutches


Open cast and underground mining each have their challenges. Moving of material by these huge machines require precision and flexibility. Reliability, machine uptime and low maintenance is imperative in conjunction with driver safety and comfort. At WPG, our experienced engineers have worked with mine operators to understand and see first-hand the challenges to enable expertly engineered solutions to meet the environmental, load and torque requirements.

WPG’s driveshafts, gears and clutches are rigorously tested to provide you with dependable solutions, enabling the movement of precious materials, earth and resources to keep the world moving. Predominantly for mobile main drives, our product portfolio includes

  • Shafts
  • Gearboxes
  • Fan Clutches

Commercial Vehicles

On Highway Solutions

Increased population growth and urbanisation means the development of infrastructure and new mass transit transportation is increasingly important. Opportunities are emerging to utilise Shafts and Service’ expertise in providing powertrain solutions and further develop and build on our existing relationships with major automotive and light commercial OEM’s.

Economical, sustainable and fuel efficiency is paramount for future generations and driveshafts, electric motors, hybrid technologies, structural chassis are all solutions that can be tailored to meet all mediums of on highway transportation – from buses and commercial vehicles to trains and trams.

Material Handling

Material handling applications require flexibility and reliability as well as the reassuring stability to handle high payloads accurately.

At WPG we engineer and design customised solutions for shafts, clutches and wheels, to meet your individual needs ensuring safety and a smooth flow of materials and logistics for standard and specialised application vehicles.


Our engineering solutions for the marine market include solutions for: diesel marine propulsion manufacturers, marine transmission manufacturers, marine service & ship management companies, thruster companies, shipyards, boat builders and naval architects, providing dependability, climatic resistant parts and minimal maintenance solutions.


Walterscheid Powertrain Group has a unique ability to provide solutions for special vehicles, where the drive system has to operate in extreme situations. Walterscheid Powertrain Group has developed bespoke driveshafts for all conditions of torque, speed, angle, and environment and will provide you with tailor-made design and precise demands to your application.

Industrial Applications

Walterscheid Powertrain Group bring experience of applying product solutions and services to a range of industries, ranging from food production to steel, paper mills, moving of materials and power generation – delivering power from stationary engines and electric motors. Industry challenges for these applications include reliability and accuracy, extensive operating hours, designing for harsh environmental conditions, high torque loads, absorbing torsional vibrations, energy efficiency and long service life. At Walterscheid Powertrain Group we design and manufacture products to meet these challenges, backed by our aftermarket network supplying genuine replacement parts, remanufacturing and repair services to the end-user.

Off-Highway Powertrain Services


Off-Highway Powertrain Services provides a full range of preventative, predictive and engineering services for (heavy) industrial, petrochemical and marine drive systems. From regular inspections and alignment through to bespoke multi-discipline condition monitoring systems, Off-Highway Powertrain Services focuses on maximising the safety, uptime and longevity of your capital investments.

SMART & CONNECTED Powertrain Solutions

creating a value by information processing and communication

  • Increased machine availability
  • Less maintenance effort
  • Less risk
  • Longer component lifetime
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Life-cycle oriented services


Whilst the provision of innovative and highly effective technological solutions directly aims at globally leading OEMs, the Aftermarket and Service Business, there is an underlying objective looking at society at large: To provide sustainable solutions that equally take care of economic, ecological and social requirements. 

On the one hand, future-oriented solutions must build on expertise, know-how and experiences created in the past. One the other hand, however, these solutions must reach beyond today’s horizon.

Global population growth clearly requires increases in production, whilst clearly limited – and partly overused – natural resources require more consideration, more protection, less usage and more replacement by renewable and/or more intelligent solutions.

Increased efficiency of equipment is at the core of reducing environmental strains. It is against this background, and for providing our customers with the best possible and sustainable technologies, that we also strongly invest in Smart & Connected powertrain solutions.


The Aftermarket and Service Business of Walterscheid Powertrain Group is taken care of by 20 service locations which handle and ship about 20,000 spare parts daily. WPG’s Aftermarket Service Portfolio is provided to OEM customers and end users, it is supported by strong own brands and characterised by three key features: 


The network of qualified Service Centers across Europe enables WPG to service shafts within a few hours and also to provide emergency service. The goal of these facilities is to help customers improve the operational performance of their equipment while lowering their total cost of ownership.

Assembling and repairing with original components is a must regarding quality and safety. Using original spare parts offers you many advantages:

  • More reliability
  • Fewer warranty replacements
  • Enhanced cost efficiency
  • Improved performance due to less vibration
  • Fewer risks

Uni-Cardan® specialists ensure every shaft is restored to its original performance standard – articulation, spline fit, weld integrity, alignment and dynamic balance are all carefully monitored and adjusted to provide you with a quality shaft that guarantees safe and reliable performance. Preventive checks by our specialists will locate any problem likely to lead to a breakdown.

After a breakdown, a quick service is essential to prevent you from long standing times and loss of earnings. Our Europe-wide network of Uni-Cardan® Service centers enables us to supply you with new shafts, replacements, and immediate on-site repair within the shortest period of time. For all Cardan shafts and constant velocity driveshafts in the drive train, for ancillary driveshafts as well as double-jointed driveshafts.

  • Repair, exchange, modification, customising and engineering of shafts and drivetrain solutions
  • Services provided to end users


Lean logistics and delivery of WPG products and kits directly to the customer’s assembly line, work stations or warehouse.

  • Reaction time, We can guarantee excellent parts availability thanks a network of qualified Service Centers across Europe, 100 % parts availability minimizes downtime, increases production and reduces costs
  • Elimination of stock checking reduces manpower and maintains production levels
  • Daily delivery reduces inventory and overheads
  • Electronic order processing eliminates paperwork and reduces administration costs
  • Prompt, efficient, professional distribution services while you wait
  • Expert local services and support

24/7 Service parts availability

Avoiding downtimes while cutting capital tied up in spare parts inventories are two key goals of spare parts management. Our spare parts management packages give you flexibility, but also ensure lower maintenance and substantial cost savings. The availability of genuine spare parts is vital to the smooth running of any powertrain system.

Remanufactured parts availability, we have a limited quantity of refurbished original parts in stock. These parts can be used without any restriction and naturally, conform to the same high quality standards as new parts.

  • Sale of spare parts to more than 130 distribution partners around the globe
  • Provided to OES and distributors


Condition Monitoring Systems

With our Powertrain Services’ advanced online condition monitoring solutions, faults are detected, reports are sent and corrective actions are planned, long before failure. Whether for it’s a driveshaft, bearing, gearbox or entire powertrain system, your critical equipment is never out of focus.

Our offline condition monitoring services give you the flexibility to supervise your own powertrain equipment. Our service experts install bespoke condition monitoring systems and customize them to your individual applications. Your local maintenance teams are informed automatically if abnormal conditions are identified. Of course, our service experts are always available to assist with signal analysis if support is required.

Predictive and data analytics

Our diagnostic engineers are connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, around the globe. They have also developed tools that incorporate algorithmic analysis of data. By employing leading-edge tools and industry expertise, WPG helps customers identify early indicators of equipment failure, diagnose issues and take action to avoid equipment and system failure and, worse, plant shut-downs.

Asset performance optimization

Success depends on superior service and support throughout the life of the product. Our offerings are diverse, flexible and tailored to meet your needs. We deliver globally integrated services and support. Our highly competent service engineers and technical personnel are ready to assist you with any service requirements. WPG employs a comprehensive collection of tools and technologies to ensure all relevant data become part of the decision-making process – at the equipment, unit or plant level. Once data is collected , cleansed, our easy-to-understand graphical interfaces will help us to determine the meaning of data and quickly deploy solutions that prevent equipment failures and system disruptions before they occur.

  • Field service, preventative and predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and technical consultancy
  • Services provided to end users