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ICVD® – (Integrated Continuously Variable Drive)


Continuously variable, hydrostatic traction drive for self-propelled agricultural and construction machinery


Our ICVD® is made of a bent axis hydrostatic displacement device, its control unit and a gearset. It constitutes a symbiosis of time-proven drive concepts – this combines their advantages, but without the drawbacks of the common solutions. The ICVD® offers a large continuously variable conversion range from standstill up to the maximum transport velocity, automatic adaptation of the power requirement as well as simple reversal of direction of travel and torque. The ICVD® makes it possible to drive through the entire speed range without interrupting the tractive force.

Customized gearbox solutions for agricultural and construction machinery


Power shift transmissions, power split transmissions, spur and bevel gearboxes for agricultural and construction machinery.


Our solutions are optimized to shift gears, distribute and transmit mechanical power. Our wide product range of spur and bevel gears, power shift transmissions with integrated multi-disk clutches and power split transmissions is used in combine harvesters, forage harvesters, balers, manure spreaders, hay rakes and rotary mowers. These gears are available with integrated measurement equipment, hydraulic systems for cooling and shifting as well as housings of cast iron or aluminum.

Engine gearboxes on individual customer requirements


Power distribution gearboxes for combustion engines of self-propelled agricultural machines


Engine gearboxes are the essential drive unit of self-propelled agricultural machines. Our customized gearboxes are developed according to customers’ needs. They ensure optimal distribution of power from the combustion engines to various appliances in combines, forage harvesters and self-propelled mowers. Integrated, hydraulically actuated clutches are providing activation and deactivation of driven equipment. High efficiency of the system is ensured by the independent supply of coolant and lubricant as well as integrated measurement equipment.

Gearboxes for industrial applications


Power shift transmissions for universal shredders


Gearboxes for industrial applications are customized to each client’s specific needs. The portfolio includes spur and bevel gearboxes, power split transmissions and power shift transmissions with integrated multi-disk clutches. Additional hydraulic or electrical components for monitoring, controlling and cooling purposes can be added to the system.

Sohland Standort
Das Getriebewerk im sächsischen Sohland entwickelt sich zu einem wichtigen Bestandteil der Walterscheid-Produktion.

Off-highway powertrain systems are our passion. For over 50 years the Walterscheid Getriebe GmbH has been developing drive train systems for agricultural, construction and special machines. In our state-of-the-art production facility in Sohland/Spree (Saxony, Germany), a variety of products like spur and bevel gearboxes as well as the continuously variable hydrostatic drive (ICVD®) are developed and manufactured according to each customer’s specific needs.

211 employees and 10 apprentices work at this site. In addition to manufacturing gearbox components, the Sohland site owns services, logistics and the R&D department. This allows for synergistic effects in regards to expertise and technology: single drivetrain components, like drive shafts, overload clutches or gearboxes are perfectly tuned from the start to produce the ideal drivetrain system.

In the spirit of sustainability, we closely work together with leading OEMs in the off-highway sector to achieve several goals: to better understand the interaction between machines and systems, to adjust our products perfectly to individual requirements and integrate them optimally into existing systems.

Gearbox and drivetrain technology produced in Sohland is not only used in agricultural and construction machinery of established manufacturers, but also in industrial applications like heavy duty shredding systems.

The following features are available across all product segments:

  • integration of supporting structures,
  • integration of overload and shut-off clutches,
  • non-synchronized manual transmission,
  • power shifting,
  • continuously adjustable power split,
  • integrated measuring of speed and torque,
  • combination and integration with electrical drives.

Our engineers not only develop gearbox technology, but also ensure effective integration of the single components into a complete drivetrain concept for the customer. Our strengths include:

  • Integral development of a powertrain system – from design stage to serial delivery
  • Realisation of high-power densities by utilizing the full potential of materials and gear technologies
  • Complete validation by means of test rigs and field tests
  • Monitoring assistance for field tests
  • Strength and design calculations of all gearbox components
  • Adaptation to changing requirements throughout the product’s life cycle
  • Solutions that are easy to maintain and repair
Werk an der Spree: Das Getriebewerk im sächsischen Kirschau übernimmt Walterscheid 1993.

The history of the Sohland site goes back to the year of 1887 when metalworker Carl August Wagner founded a machine factory in nearby Wilthen. In 1890, the company moved from Wilthen to Kirschau where they started manufacturing agricultural machinery like straw presses and manure spreaders, but also cranes and winches. In the mid-1920s, the Wagner company started manufacturing gearwheels and gearboxes which subsequently turned into their core area.

The company resumed business in 1946, but became a VEB (“Volkseigener Betrieb”, publicly-owned enterprise) in 1948 and was integrated into the sector of agricultural machine manufacturing. In 1948, it was designated to join the combine “Fortschritt Landmaschinen”, the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer of the former GDR. By the end of the 1980s, it employed about 1550 people in the area of development and manufacturing of gears for agricultural machinery.

In 1993, crucial parts of the gearbox production were taken over by GKN Walterscheid of Lohmar and the business was continued as a gearbox manufacturer. In 1999, construction started for the new site in the neighbouring town of Sohland (Spree) and in the years of 2001 to 2003, the company made the move into its new facilities. It has been the source of innovative technology by Walterscheid Getriebe GmbH ever since.

The year 2018 concluded the affiliation to the GKN group and since then, the Walterscheid Getriebe GmbH contributes to innovations in gearbox technology for agricultural and construction machinery within the Walterscheid Powertrain Group.

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Internship and work during the holidays – Find your way!

We offer internships and summer jobs for students of vocational and technical secondary schools. As a summer intern or employee, you will get the chance to get to know our company and present yourself and your abilities.

Internship and work during the holidays – Find your way!

We offer internships and summer jobs for students. As a summer intern or employee, you will get the chance to get to know our company and present yourself and your abilities.

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A comprehensive training period supports your entry into your field of work and facilitates integration into your new department as well as familiarization with company procedures. “Training on the job” is the ideal way to conquer your new tasks whether you are already experienced or starting out as a young professional.

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